72 hours fasting – ongoing

Welcome to our first post, that happens to be in the middle of a 72 hour fasting! 3 days and nights without food! Apparently the creativeness is on top, or maybe we just finally had the time to make this blog happen since we don’t need to spend a huge part of the day on cooking and eating…

Okay, lets take it from the beginning. Why are we putting ourselves through this terrible days where no calorie intake is allowed whatsoever? Well, the main answer is that we’re curios to see what our bodies and minds are capable of! Secondly, we want to give ourselves a great chance of full recovery from damaged cells and inflammation. Also, to see if our relation to food and eating change in any way since these to parameters are fundamental in our everyday life and take up a lot of our time and thoughts.

A short answer to that, from the middle of the fasting, the thoughts for food and eating are worse than ever. Can barely think of anything else than food.

Let’s take the opportunity to present our two cats: Neo and Olivia.

Please see our following posts for more information…

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus.

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