72 hours fasting – prep and first day

Some people might just decide straight away to do something like this. However, our personalities and minds requires some time to prepare. We needed to find a spot in the calendar were a long-term fasting could fit without interfering with anything, since we didn’t know how we would react and feel about it.

Our preparations: Mostly mentally, apart from the awful coffee detox we did go through a couple of weeks ago. But we’re glad that we don’t have that withdrawal now as well. And just a small tip from that, don’t substitute the coffee with black tea… It will prolong the withdrawal with another week since you realize you’ll need to cut out the tea to become totally caffeine free in the end. I also assume it’s a really good idea to be totally sugar detoxed. But as paleo-humans, that’s for free.

First 36 hours of fasting: We decided it might be a good idea to eat our last meal at Thursday lunch, which I still believe is a good idea if you are working Monday – Friday. The first 24 hours turned out to be really easy, with great feelings and lots of energy! Perfect for a full day at work on Friday, the focus was just on top. Amazing! 

I, Cecilia, had quite a lot of hunger during evening meal time on Thursday though, but I assume that is mostly because of the habit to eat. Magnus was hungry first during Friday, when I felt no hunger at all. Thanks ketosis!

The Friday we spent working until 5 pm, went home, took a cup of herb tea on the sunny (but cold) balcony. Herb tea, that is what we’re living on these days complemented with some salt and water. One though part of the evening was that we had to cook some vegetables that started to become bad. Well, we like to plan but planning groceries isn’t our strong side. The lovely smell from cooking was really hard to stand, so I don’t recommend to cook during fasting. We also had to bottle some of our homemade Kombucha without being able to taste it! More about Kombucha later… Then we fell asleep in the sofa at 9.30 pm while watching the quite uninteresting movie Stranger than fiction.

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus.


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