72 hours fasting – almost there

It’s Sunday morning! I’m placed in the kitchen preparing the first meal! A real break-fast! At 11 am, in 1 hour, we are finished. So exciting. A pot of bone broth making is on the stove as well, it smells so good.

So what will the first meal be? A beef steak, roasted sweet potatoes, pizza sallad based on red cabbage, green sallad, bearnaise sauce and Kombucha to drink. OMG, can’t wait. But lets talk about Saturday and the morning hours.

36 – 72 hours of fasting: We slept very well during the nights and waked up quite early. I have a feeling of that the circadian rhythm is improved?

Saturday morning we walked to the grocery store to pick up some minced meat for the cats and some vegetables for us since our fridge was a bit empty in that regard. I, Cecilia, found it very, very difficult to walk. The energy was at the complete bottom. Magnus was fine though.

Then we strengthen ourselves with another cup of herbal tea, it’s out of this world how tired we are of tea at the moment. But it gave me some energy back and we went for a longer stroll to the Botanical Garden here in Gothenburg to check for the cherry blossoms. Turned out it was only a few trees, but still worth being out doing something rather than sitting at home. It was sunny,  but extremely cold (~4 °C air temperature). The freezing part can probably be blamed both at the outside temperature and our very slow metabolism. After a few hours we strolled back home again to rest a bit on the sofa, and set up this blog!


Later we walked straight down to the city and Göteborgsoperan to watch Hamlet, very suiting on the 400th jubileum of Shakespeare. It was quite dreadful to sit there for 3,5 hours, being cold and tired. But it was indeed a interesting and fun opera to watch. An up to date version of Hamlet!

Straight home to bed afterwards… A good night of sleep but not very happy feelings during the early morning. It didn’t exactly help to see that it’s snowing outside!? …

It’s really time to eat something now! It will be so tasty!


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