Bone broth in the making

This morning at the end of our fasting we decided to torture ourselves a bit more by starting a bone broth that will be on the stove for the whole day. It smells SO GOOD after almost 70 hours of fasting.

Bone broth on the stove

We collect the bones from all our meals and store them in the freezer until it’s time for a new batch of broth, approximately once every third week. This time we also have some deer bones from when we bought a box of deer meat. On top of getting bones we also get all the nice parts of the deer, including the filet, chuck steak, chops and minced meat as well as some organ meats: like heart, liver, kidney and tongue. We usually get them for free, since nobody else wants them :).

In this broth batch we use bones from deer, pig, lamb, cow as well as chicken. Except the deer bones this is our usual mix of bones, where the cow bones come from ox tail, the pig bones from chops, ribs, loins and belly and the lamb ones from lamb legs.

Bones straight out of the freezer

After finishing cooking for 10+ hours we usually get 2-3 liters of broth and this over filled pot is usually only half full before we finish the batch. One advice that we can give is to finish the broth before you go to bed, that makes the evening so much more enjoyable than having to pour broth in your pyjamas late at night and wait for it to cool before putting it in the fridge or freezer…


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