Food at last

Finally the fasting is over!

Our first own home brewed bottle of Kombucha

We ended the fasting at lunch today (Sunday) with a meal consisting of oven roasted beef gammon seasoned with fennel and green pepper, red cabbage salad, sweet potatoes, bearnaise sauce and a green salad with balsamic vinegar. To that we had our first home brewed Kombucha.

Food has never tasted as good! After fasting for 72 hours the first tastes of beef and sweet potato with bearnaise sause could not have been more sweet! The kombucha that we have brewed for the past 12 days turned out to be a bit sour. We will come back with a post on the kombucha progress later…

The beef gammon we roasted in the oven for almost three hours on low temperature. Slow cooking meat keeps it juicy and is just the perfect buildup for ending a fasting.

Recipes for the pizza (red cabbage) salad and the bearnaise sauce will be posted later.

Oven roasted beef gammon

Being hungry for almost three days made both of us a bit optimistic of how much food we wanted and could eat. The portions, seen below, are only slightly larger than our normal size, but both of us barely made it half way through before we were full. After extending the meal for an other few minutes I, Magnus, managed to finish, whereas Cecilia had to leave some of the pizza salad for later.

We also complemented the meal were a pill of hydrochloride acid (HCl) to help the digestion and a capsule of probiotics to kickstart the gut microbiome after the fasting. Later we also took a capsule of multi vitamin from Holistic. It contains a lot of healthy and vital vitamins that helps us get back on track after being without food for three days.

Meal ending our fasting. Hunger is the best seasoning!
Beef gammon, red cabbage salad, sweet potato and bearnaise sauce

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