Summing up the 72 hours fasting

You’ve probably read about our lovely first meal… But lets summarize some thoughts regarding the fast!

Easy or hard?

Well, both! The feelings changed all the time, sometimes it felt so easy and sometimes we felt horrible. Most of the time we were in different states, with one of us being really craving food and the other being a bit more relaxed about it, even though as the fasting went on we both tended to be more on the food craving side.

Did we feel hunger?

No, this actually surprised me. Apart from the first day hunger feelings did not occur at all. The stomach just felt completely calm. And completely empty. But the thoughts for food were extreme at some occasions… Especially, watching people having dinner at the opera. And the smell of food. Cooking the vegetables on Friday, as mentioned in this post, it was really amazing to smell the whole palette of smells from the turnip and beetroots. The senses were really on edge and looking for food.

Positive effects?

During the fasting our bodies and minds were unusually relaxed. The body and brain just didn’t prioritized stress. That was a positive thing we didn’t expected! Otherwise, it was just cool to prove to ourselves that we could manage it. In addition both of us felt an edge to our thoughts during the work day on Friday, which was unexpected. The sharpness of the mind did hold on, but as the energy slowly dissipated our bodies preferred to move slower and slower…

Did we do any work-outs?

Before we started the fast that was the thought. We did one yoga class on the first evening that went totally fine but the other days there wasn’t enough power or motivation to be able to do it. Working a full day and going for walks was good enough.

Will we do it again?

Hard to say, but it will definitely go longer than one year before we do it again. It was just so boring to not eat… As we said earlier, we wanted to see if our constant thoughts about food would disappear, well they did not! I have to say that the opposite occurred… But that will maybe change during the following week, we’ll wait and see. It was nice though to realise just how much food means to us and how much we enjoy it everyday.

Try it out if you want to! It won’t harm you in any way! But I wouldn’t exactly go and recommend it to everyone I know…

Chocolate cake and nice flowers to treat our selves for being so strong! Recipe here.

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Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


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