The primal shoe collection

In the Paleo community we are all aware of how conventional shoes may harm your health. Since we started to use Fivefingers a few years ago it has just become harder and harder to wear any other shoes, the feet just won’t fit and if you are stubborn and still try to squeeze your feet into a stiff and narrow shoe you’ll end up with pain in your whole body quite soon. Unfortunately, that knowledge is based on experience… Ugh. The feet expands a lot, wider and higher, once you start to use them the way nature intended.

Fivefingers are just amazing shoes that really lets you connect with the ground and get the correct nerve responses while walking and running. Good for both the mind and body! However, they’re not appropriate to wear to work since you’ll get such weird gazes and have to take the primal discussion with everyone you meet, which is quite energy consuming. You can neither wear them outside apart for a few months each year since you are going to freeze your toes really bad, at least in the part of the world were we are living.

The primal shoe collection. Vivo Barefoot shoes in the top row and Vibram Fivefingers in the bottom.

Therefore, I was so happy to find the Vivo Barefoot shoes! Dressed bare feet shoe wear! They are ridiculously expensive but made of really good quality and materials and I suppose it’s worth saving your health by avoiding conventional shoes, but still fit into our society.

So what makes these shoes better than conventional shoes? First of all, they’re much wider so that your foot doesn’t have to be squeezed. Lovely. Second, the soles are very thin and flexible so you are able to properly flex the foot while walking (or running to the bus) and it lets you connect with the ground. I believe strained wrist aren’t possible in barefoot shoes. Third, the soles are completely flat meaning that you don’t put weight on the wrong parts of your body.

Barefoot shoes will just make your life more livable and fun and your shoes will never again be the cause of pain! You should get yourselves a pair as soon as possible if you don’t already have. A good tip if you go for a Vivo-like shoe is to get a size bigger than you usually have, to really make good room for your feet.

Happy feet,

Cecilia & Magnus



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