Puppy sitting

This Tuesday we had the task of puppy sitting our friend Klara’s dog, Sirius, a black lab. There was a lot of exciting things to see and explore in our apartment, not the least the cats! And rugs, cartoon paper, paper, cat litter as well as flower pot earth. The apartment turned into a total mess. But he’s cute!

Sirius on the hallway mat. You can spot some dirt from the flower pot that Sirius turned over.

The cats were a bit scared away as Sirius started to explore the space. But eventually he found the spot where the cats had hid.

The first impression. They might seem tough in other situations, but not when meeting Sirius.
Neo is “protecting” Olivia.

We ended up keeping the cats locked away in the bedroom so they were able to calm down. Olivia was completely shivering, so the separation was well needed. After letting the cats out later in the evening that only ended with Neo getting barked at and Neo frizzled back at Sirius the best he could.

Hopefully we can let them ease into the relationship over the next few times that they meet and eventually they might even get along, without trying to fight each other.

Finally Sirius found some rest on his blanket.


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