Stir fry to the resque

In blogs and social media we tend to often see perfectly planned meals. But that isn’t the reality when you need to handle a full time job and other hobbies on top of that. It is indeed a struggle to cook enough food for both dinner at home and lunch boxes to work, but there’s no other option if you want to be in control of what you eat.

When there is no inspiration and little time available, one thing that always works is the classic stir fry!

Beautiful chioggia beets.

Chop any vegetables that you find in the kitchen.

We love our huge carbon steel skillet from De Buyer. Perfect for stir fries!

Here I started with beets and onion together with a large chunk of coconut oil.

Spice the veggies with some meat.

Some carrots and parsnips found their way into the pan as well and the veggies was spiced up with some deer minced meat and herbs. Add some water and towards the end cabbage to fill it out.

Fast and simple food served.

When the veggies are soft, serve with some feta cheese and olive oil. Or a piece of butter if you prefer that! Save all the left overs for the lunch box.

This stir fry was cooked while puppy sitting Sirius!


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