Binchōtan charcoal

We are very fortunate to have access to clean and drinkable water coming directly form the tap. However, even the modern effective cleaning facilities used to clean our water and despite the fact that we live in Sweden where we have very clear and fresh natural water, the tap water still contains traces of unwanted substances, minerals and heavy metals. To minimize our exposure to such items we use Japanese active charcoal, called Binchōtan charcoal. The Binchōtan is a white charcoal that has many small pores, which effectively means that it has a large surface of exposure. The Binchōtan helps bind substances from the water as well as remove odors and tastes and makes the tap water super smooth and completely without taste. Since we bought the Binchōtan sticks we have really enjoyed drinking our water at home, without the hint of chloride that is there without the filtering.

To filter the water we keep two carafes, with one charcoal stick each, in the fridge. The stick has to have three to four hours to be able to sufficiently filter the water, so having two carafes is quite perfect for the two of us.

The two carafes with the charcoal sticks.

Both Cecilia and myself have also brought a stick to work to filter the water we drink during the days. I have mine in a Klean Kanteen  bottle (being hipster and all ;)), whereas Cecilia uses it directly in a water glass. My water bottle in the fridge at work has however resulted in a few comments from my colleagues. “Ah, so you have some special heath water, haha” or the like. One colleague also posed the idea that I had the bottle because I wanted just the right temperature of my drinking water. It took me a while to get to terms with comments like that about all aspects of living paleo, but as I have come to realize most people accept that weirdness after they get a reasonable explanation, and the same is true in this case, so now I can usually have my water without comments.

In addition to filtering the water for drinking we also filter the water we use for making coffee and tea. Believe it or not, but the difference felt from using the Binchōtan is even larger when brewing coffee. The filtered water brings out the pure taste of the coffee without having any unwanted side tastes.

We would really like to suggest you get a stick of Binchōtan yourself. Here in Sweden there does not seem to be that many stores selling them and for some reasons it seem hard to import them. For those of you having Amazon you should be able to find one there. This is the best site that we have found for deliveries in Sweden, where the shipping and toll costs does not exceed the product costs…

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Did your coffee get any better?

Happy Paleo!

The carafes. We use beeswax covered linen as lids.



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