Slow cooked fast food

It surely takes a lot of time to cook food everyday, which is why we rarely spend a lot of time prepping or cooking each meal. Maybe it’s hard to believe then that slow cooked food is our speciality… But think about it, slow cooked meals often requires the least amount of time spent in the kitchen! It’s rough and forgiving.

Our Schlemmertopf pot is therefore frequently used, we just take what’s available in our fridge and let the oven work for a couple of hours. Lifting the Schlemmertopf top off after a few hours is amazing every time. The food always turns out lovely!

This time a whole chicken (of course free-range and organic), some fennel bulbs, a piece of left over bell pepper, onions, crushed tomatoes and a jar of our own bone broth went into the pot with a small amount of water.

The ingredients for a successful Schlemmertopf dish.

It almost didn’t fit, but it looks tasty! Right? Some salt and pepper on top. The chicken is at the bottom with all the veggies on top.

Before the magic happens in the oven.

200°C and a few hours later, dinner is served!

Schlemmertopf dish served with some green salad.

Amazing and healthy cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming at all!

What did we do with our time while waiting for this do be cooked then..? Well, having a bottle of Champagne with friends. But that’s just us… You could of course use your waiting time to whatever you want! 😉

Happy paleo slow cooking,

Cecilia & Magnus


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