What’s for breakfast?

A while ago we decided to take up eating breakfast again after about a year of doing intermittent fasting. Since the fasting stresses the body we felt that, maybe eating breakfast would decrease the overall stress level that we experienced. Apparently a protein rich breakfast is optimal to decrease the body’s stress coming from the urge to look for food. So, what do we eat for breakfast then? Well, we have a fried egg with some butter, together with home raw pickled meat and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Now you ask yourself “Hey, why do they drink caffein if they try to reduce the level of stress that their bodies experience?”. Well, the short answer is that you have to have some joy as well, right? And coffee is one of those things that we feel really adds a silver-lining to the day. That said we drink no more than two cups a day, often only one, and never have coffee after four in the afternoon, to minimize the effect on our sleep.

Our break fast. A cup of french press coffee, a fried egg and some home pickled meat.

Varieties of coffee

Depending on the day of the week we have either a cup of moka coffee or french press. Since we brew more coffee with the french press, we tend to prefer a smaller cup of moka for the weekdays and have press coffee on the weekends. We will come back with a more detailed post on the different brewing techniques and choice of coffee beans etc. So, make sure to come back to check that out!

Weighing the coffee to get the correct ratios is important.

Pickled meat, a breakfast favorite

The pickled meat has really become a favorite. It is really easy to prepare and lasts for a long time. Since all you need in the morning is to cut a slice it is also very morning friendly and it has a nice texture and acidity that goes well with the eggs.

Cutting the pickled meat.

Boringly enough we have the same breakfast everyday. This is mainly due to time saving. We have found something that is easy to prepare and that we like to begin our day with and we both feel that it makes much more sense to put effort and thought into the lunch and dinners rather than trying to alter our morning meal.

Frying the eggs in an old cast iron pan.

The morning routine is that Magnus prepares the food and brews the coffee while Cecilia gets ready for the working day. Since she has a longer transport to her workplace this is a perfect division of work for us to be able to enjoy a nice breakfast together each morning. Usually frying the eggs, cutting the pickled meat and grinding and brewing the coffee takes about fifteen minutes, give or take, so it has become a fairly optimized process at this stage.

What are your breakfast routines? Do you have any favorites on the breakfast table?

French press coffee.

Happy paleo!

/Cecilia & Magnus


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