Cape Verde – Part 2

This is the second post about our trip to Cape Verde. If you haven’t read the first part you can find it here.

Outside gyms

Every morning during our stay we either did a yoga session on the beach or went to the local gym, which you can see in picture below. In addition to a lot of surfing the locals from Sal seemed to be really conscious about their body and there was definitely a fitness culture. During our stay we saw several home made gyms along the beaches, just like the one below.

One of the local home made gyms of Santa Maria. Hard to beat that location.

For us that haven’t done much lifting for the past two years it was really nice to push ourselves as well as activating some of the muscles that yoga or bodyweight training doesn’t. The day afterwards though… We could definitely feel our efforts from the previous day. Just as it should be!

Running on the beach

Two of the afternoons we also went for a run along the eight kilometer long beach. We did not run the whole stretch back and forth though, but running in the water line as the sun started to set was one of the best experiences of freedom experienced. We used our Vibram Fivefingers to get to the beach through the town, but as we ran in the sand we went barefoot, which also added to the feeling of freedom. The first time we ran along the beach we had the vision of plunging into the water afterwards, but it was frankly a bit scary as it was starting to get dark and the waves were almost as big as we were, so for the remainder of our stay we kept to our sheltered old harbor, which was just perfect for our wants and needs, when it came to swimming.

Walk along the coast

On our third day we went on a short walk along the coast to the east side of Santa Maria. It was interesting to see how quickly we came out of the civilization and found ourselves on completely empty beaches. Here one could also see the volcanic rocks that make up most of the foundation of the island. The group of islands in Cape Verde all come from volcanos so it is not a surprise that there are hints of lava around the island.

The two of us on the walk to the east of Santa Maria, with sun protecting clothes.
Cecilia as we are walking back to Santa Maria, which can be seen in the background.

Rosé wine in the sunset

In the evening on our third day we went to the restaurant at the hotel to enjoy a glass of cold rosé wine from their balcony overlooking the old harbor and from where we could enjoy the sunset.

Magnus enjoying a glass of cold rosé wine.
Cecilia enjoying the wine as we watch the sunset.

Next post we will tell you about the trip around the island that our traveling agency arranged. So, make sure to tune in again next Sunday to hear more of what Sal can offer.

/Cecilia & Magnus



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