First warm day of the year

Last Thursday we had our first warm and sunny day of the year here and luckily it was also holiday, so we could spend the day outside! We went for a hike around two of the lakes close to the city.

The best time of the year? When the birches get their leaves.

We’re so grateful to have nature like this available in Sweden, totally for free. It makes paleo life so much easier. For us, living in the middle of the city it only takes 10 minutes with the bus to reach this.

Our 12 km hike around the lakes.

We ended up walking 12 km, with a coffee break halfway. The sun was shining the whole way. It is hard to find the time to do these longer walks, but it is really important to use ones body during long times with low intensity, especially in combination with the short strength and interval sessions that we do normally. So, we try our best and are really happy when we manage to take an afternoon outside walking. It’s also truly meditative to experience the nature! And to get some sun!

Water break.

To carry our water, we use a Klean Kanteen bottle of stainless steel to avoid any contamination of the water from plastic bottles.

Our coffee is always served with coconut oil.

We carried coffee with us as well and had a “fika” with coconut oil in the coffee and shared a raw bar.

Fika break with a view.

Before continuing the hike it was time for some upside down training to enjoy the strength and capabilities of our bodies.
IMG_0506R IMG_0515R

As you can see, we are walking in our beloved Fivefingers. The only alternative for longer walks that lets the feet and the whole body work properly.

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


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