BARF recipe

Find more information about BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) in our recent post. In this post the recipe that we use for our cats will follow!

Olivia helps with the food making…

BARF recipe for cats

Put some effort in to find the best meat even for your cat. This is 100 % organic and grass fed meat.


  • 15 % bones
  • 15 % heart meat
  • 5 % liver
  • 65 % regular meat

For this batch, 3 kilograms:

  • 450 g bone meal
  • 450 g lamb hearts
  • 150 g chicken liver
  • 1950 g minced meat and chuck steak

On top of that I also added 60 g of ground psyllium seed that is very good for their gut flora. Mix everything together using a mixer but try to keep as big chunks as your cat accept so that they get to use their jaws. When Neo and Olivia gets more used to the tastes we hope to be able to give big pieces instead of this mash. Twice a week they will also get an egg yolk to get some extra vitamins and good fat for their fur.

Olivia insisted on tasting the finished batch to approve before I did put it in jars.

How much is a portion of BARF?

No, you shouldn’t give 3 kg food to your cat, even though Olivia thinks that’s a really good idea… A good amount of food to give is around 2 % of your cats weight per day. We divide that into two meals a day, morning and evening. For us, this batch will be enough for about 15 days. We divide the portions into jars and keep in the freezer.

Happy BARFing,

Cecilia, Magnus, Olivia & Neo.


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