Lovely meat from our butcher

We try to buy the most of our meat from our butcher that supply us with locally, grass-fed and organic meat from cow, pig and lamb. Its a small tour to get there and heavy to take on the bus, so we buy some organic meat in the store as well.

Before going there this time we had ordered lambs heart, since organ meats (except from liver) isn’t their normal supply. Sad, since everyone should eat more of organ meats. But its good that we at least can order it!

Beautiful lamb hearts! And lamb liver.

Every time we go there, we also make sure to get our favorite meat! Do you know what it is..?


It’s oxtail! Amazingly tender meat with loads of fat and gristle. After eating the meat the bones are saved for bone broth, which get very gelatinous.

Our second favorite is the pork belly that become crispy and melting soft at the same time after a good run in the oven.

Meat from the butcher.

This time we also stocked up on some minced meat, were we get to chose the proportion of beef and pork. Usually we prefer to have slightly more pork in to get the good fat, but the beef gives a better taste.

Where do you get your meat from?

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


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