New Kombucha noggin

Ten days have past since the last Kombucha was started, that means it’s time to bottle it for a second fermentation and time to start a new batch! Lovely!

The SCOBY’s are doing a good job.

For our first batch we didn’t dare to put any flavouring to the second fermentation since we wanted to see how it turned out with just the natural Kombucha. But this time we’ll try with the three berry sorts we had in the freezer… Not any more inspiration than so this time… The three small bottles got sea buckthorn, lingonberry and blueberry as flavouring respectively. The two big bottles were left natural, we still need some more courage and experience before we add flavour to them.

Love these pretty Kombucha bottles.

There is one thing more that needs to be mentioned as well! We have got a lovely new noggin, with a tap! Perfect for Kombucha brewing. So now, for the next batch, it’s 12 liters of tea that are being fermented. Need to buy some more glass bottles I suppose…

Our new noggin with a tap!

We’re exited to see how the flavoring turns out and we’ll let you know!

Happy brewing,

Cecilia & Magnus


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