BARF batch nr 2

Time for another batch of BARF food (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) for our two cats, Olivia & Neo. Read about BARF here and find the basic recipe here.

Olivia approves the new batch

The first batch was a real success, the cats really loved it, and it was also really simple for us to have their food ready in portions. Since they happily ate all of it I decided to try larger chunks of meat this time, so that they have to chew properly. Neo seems very skeptical to it, but he will learn with time!

Larger pieces to chew on.

Instead of putting it all in the blender, like for the first batch, I did just mixed minced meat with the bone meal, ground psyllium and water into a mixture using a spoon. Much easier than using the mixer. The other meat parts was just chopped into pieces and than blended with the rest.

That’s interesting, but I’m not going any closer than this…

This time the ingredients are:

  • 300 g bone meal
  • 300 g lamb hearts
  • 100 g lamb liver
  • 1300 g minced meat from pig and cow (and some hen)

Actually, some minced meat from hen was also added this time. Olivia and Neo really dislike the taste of hen but maybe they will learn to eat it if it’s introduced in small amounts into their daily food. It would be nice since hen meat is very cheap and ethical.

As seen in the first picture, the BARF food is placed in glass jars with either 140 g or 280 g in each jar. That is enough food for the two of them for one respectively two days. It makes it so simple to store the batch in the freezer and have one jar in the fridge for them each day.

Happy BARF,

Cecilia, Magnus, Olivia & Neo


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