Back on intermittent fasting

A while ago we shared this breakfast post with you, mentioning briefly how we used to be on intermittent fasting, 16:8. That means we skip the breakfast and have our first meal of the day at lunch. We have now decided to start that again due to a less stressful situation.

Experienced advantages from fasting

Now having the contrast, its possible to mention some of the great advantages that we experience from fasting:

    • The brain feels sharper
    • Less thoughts of food
    • Appetite regulation works much better
    • Less need for sleep
    • Feeling lighter in the body (not due to weight loss)
    • More power in the muscles
    • Time saving
Two cups of french press coffee with coconut oil.
Cute Olivia!

We still have our morning coffee with coconut oil (without taste) since we like to share that moment together before starting the day. The coconut oil helps bring out the flavours from the coffee and also adds some extra energy for the start of the day. It can still be considered fasting even though one eat pure fat, since the body does not need much effort to digest it and because the body should use fat for energy anyways.

During the weekends we like take some extra time to read out loud to each other. It is very nice to share a book and be able to discuss it while reading it.

Olivia likes to share the morning together with us.

We have a corner in our living room at the large window where we like to have our coffee. Its nice to get as much natural light as possible during early mornings.

Our coffee corner.

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