Tasting of the flavoured kombucha

After a few days the flavoured Kombucha was rebottled to remove the used berries. I don’t know if it’s good to leave them there for more than a few days?

The flavouring experiment bottles.
Removing the berries from the bottles.

The Kombucha bottles was then allowed to rest in the fridge for another couple of days to really be able to harmonize and settle the flavour… Until it was time for the first tasting!

Tasting time of the Kombucha!

The Glencairn whisky glasses comes handy when it’s time for tasting!


The Kombucha got a very concentrated taste of blueberry, almost as a lemonade. It might be fine if it is diluted with some water but it is too heavy otherwise. Score: 2/5

Sea buckthorn

The smell of this had a hint of mature cheese and ammonia but tasted surprisingly well. Very fresh and no tones of bitterness as we were afraid of. Score: 4/5


The winner of this round! Just perfectly sourish and soft taste. Very traditional as well to have lingonberry drinks served with your meals in Sweden. Score: 5/5

Hit us with tips for other flavouring options!

Happy brewing,

Cecilia & Magnus


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