Dinner with Fresh garlic

Making use of the fresh garlic

The other day I got home with a fresh garlic from FRAM. In essence it is the same as regular dried garlic, but it is actually possible to use almost all parts of it, rather than only the cloves. The stalk part can be chopped up together with the outer skin. For this dinner I fried them with butter and served as a side.

The fresh garlic, with the stalk chopped and ready to be fried.

Next, after baring the cloves I separated the cloves from their silk-like skin and kept the skin for making a kind of garlic mayonnaise. The inspiration comes from this interesting blog entry. So after a quick boil of the garlic clove skin, they were allowed to drain and cool for a while, after which I used a blender to mix them and some olive oil. The recommendation was half the weight of the drained garlic skin of olive oil, and considering I used more of 2:3 and that this batch turned out a bit runny, I would say that 1:2 is a good ratio.

The fresh garlic cloves with skin.

The skinned cloves I used as I would a regular dried garlic.

The four parts of the fresh garlic. The skinned cloves, the clove skin, the stalk and the outer skin.

Dinner with pork and sweet potato

For dinner I grilled some pork fillet in the oven, fried some sweet potato medallions and served with some salad. Together with the pork I roasted some cabbage wedges. Oven roasted cabbage is just the best!

The pork fillet straight out of the oven. Seasoned with green and rosé pepper.

It all turned out quite well and it was interesting to use the whole fresh garlic. It made a really nice side to the pork, cabbage and the sweet potato.

The final creation.

It is definitely not the last time we buy fresh garlic.

Happy paleo eating!

/Cecilia & Magnus


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