Soaking and activating nuts

Do you soak your nuts before eating them? We always do, unless we use them in a cake or something that will be stored for a longer time.

Time to activate nuts!

Why soak the nuts?

The easy answer is to make them more digestible. The lectins are drawn out and the nuts become softer. Because they are more easy to digest the vitamins and minerals are also more available. Therefore, the nuts are healthier after being soaked.

How to soak the nuts?

Very simple. Put them in a bowl, sprinkle some sea salt over and cover with as much water as possible and leave in the fridge over night. Dense nuts, like brazil nuts and almonds requires at least 12 hours. Less dense nuts requires less hours and for cashews it might be sufficient with a few hours. Thereafter, rinse them carefully in tap water.

Soaking the nuts.


Storing the soaked nuts

The best would be to soak just the amount of nuts you need for the upcoming day. But that is quite time consuming and you need to plan ahead of time. We prefer to make a larger batch, let them dry for ~30 minutes on a towel (there will be stains so don’t use your favorite one) and then store in the freezer. They quickly defrost in room temperate.

The most usual way would be to dry them on a very low temperature, like 50°C, in the oven for many hours until they’re completely dry again. That will also make them crisp again if you prefer that, since the soaked nuts otherwise is a bit softer.

The soaked nuts.

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