Walking the cat

When the weather is reasonable and we got the time, we take Neo out to our backyard.

He gets a bit scared but very excited and amused at the same time. Understandable after spending your 6 years living inside closed doors.

Neo exploring in the grass.

Neo and Olivia have been with us for almost a year now. Before that they lived with an old lady that got sick and the cats was left to a secondary home before we adopted them. Olivia was picked up from the street as a kitten but after that they have spent their lives together indoors.

Neo enjoying exploring the lawn.

Olivia is absolutely terrified of being outside, so we leave her inside when taking Neo out. She enjoys being on the balcony, but does not at all enjoy going further than that. We believe that Neo is really benefiting from the stimulation he gets from being outside though and try to take him out whenever the weather permits.

Neo climbing a tree…?

Since we’re living in the middle of the city it would be to dangerous to let him run free outside, so we need to keep him on a leach. He doesn’t exactly enjoy it but it’s better than not being out at all.

Neo is in good hands.

This evening the light was particularly nice and Neo really does match well with the green grass background. Don’t you say?



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