Aubergine with beef soup

Simple dinner, soup and salad

This week I bought an aubergine when grocery shopping at FRAM. Frankly I can’t tell why I don’t do that more often. It is a truly delicious vegetable, which add to a dish with both taste and especially texture.

The sliced aubergine and the ginger and turmeric for the soup.

Slow cooked stew

I had the luxury of being home early and partly studying from home in the afternoon and started a soup of beef, onion and some swede which I cooked in our home made bone broth. While the stew was on the stove I sliced the aubergine and chose the spices for the stew; ginger and turmeric.

Some “wild-leaves” and homegrown salad for the side. Together with some garlic for the salad dressing.

The soup was on the stove for about two hours in total. A bit too long for the swede and the onion to be of perfect texture, but it is also very convenient to have the dinner ready whenever one see fit, which is a huge bonus to planning and starting a slow cook dish early.

The final serving with the stew/soup on the left and the aubergine salad to the right.

Seasoning to the soup, ginger and turmeric

About twenty minutes before serving the soup I started the frying pan with a lot of coconut oil for the aubergine slices and added the spices to the stew. Aubergine is like mushrooms in the sense that they really absorb the fat that they are fried in, so we like to add some extra along the way, not only to avoid them getting stuck in the pan but also because it makes the aubergine (or mushrooms) even more delicious.

The aubergine salad with feta cheese, beef and swede stew and a glass of home-brewed kombucha.

Homegrown salad and wild-leaves

On the side we had a salad based on some bought wild-leaves that I also found at FRAM and some of our home grown salad from the balcony. To the salad I made a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic. The simplest combination that still makes a perfect addition to almost any salad. We also had some feta cheese and the aubergines of course.

The soup and a glass of home-brewed kombucha, of course.

The importance of a shared meal

As you have probably guessed by now we really enjoys having a proper dinner together as often as we can manage. Even though we might eat left-overs we still try to take that moment together, just as with our morning coffee, to talk about the day and make sure that we catch up with what has happened. Maybe just the same way as the cave-men did after being out hunting and gathering all day?

Having dinner together is an important part of the day.

Happy paleo eating,

Cecilia & Magnus


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