Are horses Paleo?

One thing I spend my spare time at is to be in the stable caring for horses, approximately two times a week. It’s very valuable to leave the city for some fresh air and green nature, half of the year at least… Also, horses have been a part of my life since I was a child and is something I don’t want to be without.

Slightly sceptical to the camera…

Is there a paleo perspective on horseback riding? Well, not really I would say. Our bodies aren’t exactly made to be sitting on a horse back. And horses aren’t exactly meant to be steered around by a human. But I comes with some other benefits.

Such a positive horse!

For example, you’ll get a bit dirty and use your body for some pretty heavy duties. Horses are big things and that means you have to handle large and heavy things around them, like the manure and all their food and water buckets. The fermented hay that they eat also comes with some really nice bacteria strains.

Cooling down in the forest

It surely gives you a good full body work out as well! Unfortunately, it’s not very natural for the legs or arms to have that workload in such an unnatural positioning. So it’s quite backbreaking. However, the core strength you gain is outstanding. Here is another proof of the effort needed:

My heart rate curve during a training session, where I’m spending 40% of the time in the red zone. 177-197 bpm.

Anyway, horses are fantastic animals that gives so much love!



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