Gin and tonic at the balcony

We have such lovely weather at the moment and during the last week, clear skies and 25-30 °C. Actually, a bit too hot when you’re stuck in the city and need to be at work the whole day…

The perfect after work, post workout drink!

After being out for a walk and some strength training after work, a gin and tonic is the perfect post drink! Agree?

Gin and tonic with lemon balm.

Well, maybe not. But it’s very tasty and perfect to kick of Friday night. Unfortunately we hadn’t managed to shop any lemons? That should always be in the fridge… But as a back up in the gin and tonic lemon balm came to the rescue. It worked really well.

Gin and tonic might not be the most paleo thing to drink, but we use organic gin as well as organic tonic without any scary additives and not that much sugar. And sometimes we use more gin than tonic… 😉

Home grown salad on the balcony.

Lets use this post to show you a part of our balcony also. We don’t have a lot of space but manage to successfully grow some different kinds of salads. The left box has a less amount of salad due to the fact that Neo jumped into it so that the box fell upside down when freshly seeded, leading to that all the seeds was mixed into the dirt.

Green salad!

It’s not a fishing net, but a cat net so that Neo and Olivia won’t fall down. We’re four levels up from the street so it’s important to keep them safe.

In the corner we have seeded some tomato plants as well. They have grown substantially only this last week due to the nice weather. It’s actually black tomatoes, so we are excited to see how they turn out. If there will be any tomatoes at all..

Tomato plants!

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