Spare ribs with steamed fennel

One of the things that we miss with living in an apartment is a grill. During winter time it is not a huge deal, but when the sun stays up in the evenings and it is getting hotter having the possibility of doing a BBQ would have been really nice. Not to mention the different flavours that one is able to get with a grill compared to an oven!

Spare ribs seasoned with an assortment of pepper, rosé, green, black and white.

Well, we don’t have a grill, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have spare ribs. We prepare them in the oven on a semi-high temperature for at least a few hours. This time we used an assortment of peppers, including black, white, rosé and green, together with salt to season before the spare ribs were put into the oven at about 200 °C.

The spare ribs ready for the oven.

To spend the time waiting for the spare ribs to be finished we went on a combined walk and workout in the evening sun. Perfect prelude to a dinner with ribs, right?

Getting back from the walk we cut and steamed some fennel and prepared some salad as sides.

The spare ribs are served.

After spending about two hours in the oven the ribs were ready to be served and they were delicious.

Spare ribs with steamed fennel and a feta cheese salad.

Together with the steamed fennel and the feta cheese salad it was a really nice summer evening meal. Crisp and light, yet full of healthy energy and nutrients. Having the home-brewed kombucha to drink together with the meal was also a perfect way of quenshing our thirst.

Enjoy paleo life,

Cecilia & Magnus


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