Evening snack

We like to have a small snack in the evening, after the dinner. Especially now when we’re back on the intermittent fasting. But a snack surely doesn’t equal something unhealthy.

Evening snack.

This evening we shared a kiwi fruit, some coconut flakes, pieces of 85% dark chocolate and apricot kernels.

We don’t buy almonds anymore due to the controversy of the almod farming and drought. So instead we tried these apricot kernels for the first time and was very positively to them. Very expensive unfortunately, but a few of them every now and then will definitely be good. They’re supposed to be very healthy and contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, for example the rare Vitamin B17. These are the sweet version of apricot kernels, be careful to not get the bitter version of them since they contain cyanide and should only be consumed in very small amounts.

Shared on the balcony in the evening.

We prefer to share a fruit if we eat them, a whole fruit contains more sugar than we are comfortable to eat at once. But it’s indeed a nice treat. Just make sure to get the organic ones. I don’t give much for the conventional fruit, you’re probably much better of without them.

The chocolate we choose to eat are above 70% cocoa and does not contain any lecithin or traces of gluten. Also here, we make sure it’s organic.

Olivia taking a rest.

Olivia doesn’t get a snack but likes to participate anyway! That’s the most important thing, to spend time with each other rather than snacking.

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


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