Another batch of kombucha with new flavours

We have now reached the point where the amount of kombucha in each batch starts to get difficult to manage. In total we bottled about nine liters this weekend and started brewing a new batch of eight.

The flavouring of the new batch.

Review of the rhubarb, balm and mint flavours

In the last batch we tried three new flavours, namely mint, lemon balm and rhubarb. The rhubarb turned our really well, whereas the mint and lemon balm didn’t really add that much to it all. Rhubarb is definitely one that we will do again, together with the sea buckthorn and lingon berries that have already become favourites.

Ginger and turmeric as new flavours and the old favourites lingon berries and sea buckthorn.

New kombucha flavors – ginger and turmeric

For this week’s bottling we have got turmeric and ginger as new flavours. Exciting as these are flavours that we like from the store bought kombucha that we enjoyed before we started brewing our own.

The newly bottled kombucha. Some of it at least.

We will be back with a review of these as well, when they have passed the second fermentation.

Kombucha love,

Cecilia & Magnus


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