The weekly groceries

Vegetable shopping

Every week we do the trip to FRAM to get our organic vegetables and some additional groceries to last the week. This time I got back with a lot of wonderful stuff.

The vegetables from this week’s shopping.

Beetroots, carrots, both purple and orange, savoy cabbage, paprika, aubergine, sweet potato, fennel, onions, lemon, tomato and avocado.

In addition I also bought some coffee from the Swedish roasters Johan & Nyström.

Avocado. Yum.

About our food planning

We will be able to make a lot of nice dinners and lunch boxes with all these vegetables. Rather than planning ahead for what kinds of meals that we want to cook we go to the store and pick whatever we feel like at that moment, from what’s available. The following week we can then pick from the fridge freely and be creative. Of course we buy some specific items at times as well, like spices. I got a couple of spoons of coriander this time.

But, in general we don’t like spending a whole day planning all the meals of the week and then trying to find all those items in the store. To have the freedom both in the store as well as in the kitchen during the week is something that we really enjoy. Of course there are evenings when it would be great to have a pre-decided meal plan, but all the time and energy it would take to plan to make that happen, it is just not worth it. And we are much more creative when we can use what we have in the fridge without limitations than we would have been sitting at the table trying to predict what we will feel like eating in the week to come.

Swedish tomatoes.

Anyways, that is how we do it. What are your favourite ways of shopping groceries and planning your food for the week?

Happy eating,
Cecilia & Magnus


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