New gins, Hven and Tärnö

The other day we picked up some new bottles of gin that we haven’t tried before. One is from Hven and the other from Tärnö. Both are made with organic herbs and are from Sweden. We did have a few really tasty gins at home already, but felt it was time to try something new as well as hedging for whenever the ones that we do have run out.

Trying the new gins at the balcony.

We went straight away and tried them with our favourite tonic from Naturfrisk and some freshly sliced lemon. Gin and tonic is just a perfect summer pre drink before dinner. It both quenches one’s thirst but can still be really interesting and flavourful.

The two new varieties. Nils Oscar Tärnö to the left and Hven to the right.

Both of the new gins tasted really good, however the Hven gin gave the best impression and surprised us with a wonderful hint of smokiness that we did not expect to find in a gin! In addition to the smoke it has a great first taste filling the palette. The initial taste slowly changes into a complex and full aftertaste that lingered in the mouth. Really tasty! The Tärnö gin is also very nice, but slightly less sophisticated, with a hint of synthetic flavoured candy in the middle that maybe wasn’t completely to our liking, but still an interesting gin and we are happy to have tried the two of them side-by-side.

Wonderful pre-dinner drink.

A couple of years ago we actually went to Hven and had dinner at the same establishment that has the distillery. That was just as they had launched their whiskey and they have since then also started producing gin as well as vodka. We have talked about trying the whiskey, but it is just slightly to expensive… But we will try it in time. If you have the opportunity to go the the island of Hven we could definitely recommend it, by the way. We had a terrific day exploring the small island by bike, enjoying the sun and picnicking. It is located between Sweden and Denmark, just outside Landskrona and one can see both shores when on the island, which is pretty nice.

What is your favourite gin? Any tips of varieties that we should try?

/Cecilia & Magnus


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