Rosemary pork chops

Last time at the butcher’s Cecilia picked up some pork chops. It is such a huge difference comparing these to the ones we used to get at the supermarket. Not only do these still have the rind left which makes them much juicier, but they also have a much richer taste in general. They have a taste of flowers which we hope is an indication of the pigs being able to be outside actually getting to eat and do what they are supposed to do.

The pork chops being fried in the cast iron pan.

Anyways, this time we fried the pork chops in the cast iron pan, that you have seen much of lately, together with some coconut oil and rosemary.

The pork chops before cooking.

Our favourite way of preparing meat, unless it is slow cooked, is probably on the grill, but since we live in an apartment and can’t use a grill on our small balcony we have to use a regular frying pan. That also produce really nice results however, especially when using richly with coconut oil to avoid the meat sticking to the pan.

Adding some herbs to add some extra flavours.

As a side we made some oven roasted carrots and beet roots. Simple, but really tasty. This time seasoned with salt, a mix of black and white pepper as well as some fresh rosemary.

The side oven roasted carrots and beet roots.

We usually try to make more simple dinners on weekdays, but some time it just turns out quite special anyways, so why not enjoy it with a small glass of the rosé wine left over from the weekend?

Enjoy eating happy food,

Cecilia & Magnus

The pork chops served with a simple feta cheese salad and the over roasted carrots and beet roots. Together with some rosé wine.

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