Roasted broccoli

We don’t have broccoli that often, but when we do we prefer to roast it in the oven with loads of coconut oil and rich flavoring.

Broccoli with chili powder and pepper.

This time chili powder was used, as well as black and white pepper. One of the tricks to get tasty food is to use high quality organic spices. It really makes a huge different to the final taste! Also, it is possible to use less of them since they taste so much more.

Roasted in the oven.

Roast the broccoli for about 20 minutes in 225°C, or until they are soft and slightly browned. Don’t forget to use the stem as well, it is as tasty as the bouquets!

Served with some fresh greens.

Many of our dinners consists of both freshly cooked food and left-overs. Probably because we are really bad at food planning, but it makes everyday life so much simpler. This dinner was leftover pork chops, freshly steamed carrots, the broccoli and some salad with tomato and avocado.

Peaceful dinner.


Don’t forget the Kombucha as well.

Happy eating,

Cecilia & Magnus


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