Inspired lunchbox vegetables

Some days one just get that surge of creativity and energy to do things. The other day I got that when I started cooking lunch way too late in the day. Halfway through the cooking I realised that I would never get to eat lunch if I were to wait out the vegetables that I had put in the oven, so they ended up in some lunch boxes instead. However, I was quite happy with the combination of vegetables, so I thought it would be worth sharing anyways.

The colourful mix of vegetables.

I copped and mixed fennel, sweet potato, onion, carrots and some fresh garlic cloves. Seasoned with salt and pepper as well as with two branches of fresh rosemary from our newly planted plant.

The vegetables used, sweet potato, fennel, carrots, onion and some fresh garlic cloves.

The vegetables then went into the oven at about 190 °C for almost a full hour. It was maybe slightly to high temperature for the delicate and small pieces that I had made, as can be seen from the slightly dark edges below… Since I ended up cooking something simple for lunch while the vegetables were in the oven I guess they also ended up being left in there for a few minutes too long as well.

The ready oven roasted vegetables.

They tasted great though, so nothing to worry about in the end and the made two perfect lunch boxes when mixed with some leftover pork chops and a few slices of butter.

Have you had any creative surges lately? Or misplanned your cooking?

Enjoy paleo foods,

Cecilia & Magnus


One thought on “Inspired lunchbox vegetables

  1. Ja jag fick feeling och rev ner fänkål i en burk tillsammans med mycket olivolja och curry. Får stå där och gotta sig i kylen och så kan en ta en klick till maten. Fänkål curry är toppen! Behövde dock lite salt märkte jag…

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