Kombucha again

It is time again for bottling a new batch of kombucha. Last week we had a lot going on and bottling the kombucha was unfortunately not one of them, so we had to do that this week instead. So, rather than the prescribed ten days of fermentation this batch stood for about 15 days. It still tastes wonderful, but some of the sparkliness have disappeared sadly.

The new batch bottled and ready.

It is interesting though to see that it is not a work of precision, but that there are quite some margins and that it is possible to forget to bottle them. The Scobys also looked healthy. It will be interesting to see if there is any change to the next batch, but I don’t expect that.

Some flavours again. Mint, sea buckthorn, lingon berries, basil and rhubarbs.

The past batches we have had one noggin that has produced very sparkling kombucha, whereas the other has barely had any bubbles at all. I’m guessing that might be due to that the one without bubbles are placed on the kitchen counter, slightly higher up and more exposure to light, compared to the other. For this new batch we will try having both noggins in the cupboard off the floor in the kitchen. We will be back with the results from that.

First time we try flavouring one of the large bottles.

The flavours for this bottling was largely as the last few ones, but we remembered the rhubarbs in the freezer and also tried with some basil. For the first time we try flavouring one of the large bottles, hopefully it will turn out well.

Happy brewing,
Cecilia & Magnus


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