What’s with wheat?

We took the opportunity to watch this newly released documentary, it’s available until 30th June for free!

Skärmavbild 2016-06-24 kl. 11.30.14
Click on the picture to find the documentary home page.

It’s a very well made documentary with logical and scientific based arguments about the problematic wheat.

It’s sick how much wheat that’s produced and even more sick how sick the whole world becomes from consuming it. Not only from eating bread etc. but also from supplements, vitamins, skin care products and so on. Wheat is in everything more or less! Terrifying.

Since our bodies can’t manage to break the proteins into amino acids and instead leaks through the gut barrier, a inflammatory response is created that gives so much damage to our nervous system, which leads to failure in the whole body and brain. Celiac disease and wheat allergy can be diagnosed, non-celiac gluten sensitivity can’t be diagnosed and that is the real threat to our health today. So many people that are intolerant to gliadin and gluten without knowing it, since it is so accepted and normal today to not be healthy. That is sick!!!

We need to stop feeding the world with useless, non-nutrient food. Today more wheat is produced in the world than our planets whole population can manage to consume. Starvation is not due to too few calories worldwide, it is due to too little nutrition dense food. Nutrition dense food that can’t be produced due to the monoculture production of wheat.

Find out more in the documentary yourself, the message about the danger of wheat needs to be spread.

Quitting grains is the best thing that ever happened to my health.


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