Strength training

To stay active and use your body is an important part of the primal lifestyle. In our modern world, prioritizing this can be a problem. That’s one of the reasons we like to make it short and simple! Another reason is that it is quite boring. Apart from yoga, interval sessions and some horseback riding every now and then, a full body workout is how we keep our physical and mental health.

How to get the largest effects with the smallest effort?

Research tend to lean towards short and intense full body workouts. Not exactly spending hours at the gym doing isolated biceps curls. Also, being back on the intermittent fasting it is said that the growth hormone are at the highest levels towards the end of the fast. So if we have the possibility, we try to do our training just before breaking the fast. Apart from the growth hormone aspect, it’s so much nicer to workout on an empty stomach.

Squats / Bulgarian squats

Bulgarian squats.

We do two variants of squats. For the regular one, the mantra is “ass-to-the-grass”. For the Bulgarian variant, put the weight on the front leg. Always keep in mind to have the knee pointing in the same direction as the toes.

Never use conventional shoes while doing any type of training, since it will highly affect and interfere with your natural movement. Cecilia uses Luna sandals and Magnus uses Fivefingers when outside. If inside, barefoot is the best of course.

Pull-ups / Chins

Chins and pull-ups.
Chins and pull-ups with helping rubber elastic.

The pull-up bar is the only tool we use in our training. We have one indoors at our home as well. Cecilia haven’t been able to build enough strength in the upper body yet, so a rubber elastic underneath the feet is perfect for some extra support without interfering the natural movement.



Both narrow and wide push-ups! Here is one example how to make variations of one exercise, it is tougher to do it on the fingertips compared to placing the whole hand on the ground.

Plank / Sideplank

Regular forearm plank.

Keep in mind to push and lift the whole body upwards whilst squeezing the tailbone towards chest like there is no tomorrow. The whole body should be engaged and especially the inner core muscles.

Why not use any extra weights?

First, to only use the bodyweight minimize the risk for hurting yourself. And if properly performed, i.e. really engaging the muscles you are supposed to engage, bodyweight training can be extremely exhausting for the muscles. When using external weights, you either need to buy and store them at home or go to the gym to have access to them which suddenly makes the training more complicated and time consuming.

However, take the opportunity to throw some stones, or whatever you find, when you’re outside. Just don’t depend on extra weights to do your strength training. Learn to use your body properly instead.

Happy training,

Cecilia & Magnus


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