Venison meat patty

Here’s some inspiration for a very simple and quick weekday dinner! We found some ground meat of venison in the freezer that I decided to make som regular patties of.

Dinner is served.

There’s no need to add any egg or something like that to the ground meat. Just form the patties firmly and add a lot of coconut oil to the cast iron pan before frying them. Be patience and don’t turn them to early.

But before frying the patties, some onion was fried. A common mistake is to fry the onion in a high temperature, but the best results are gained when frying it slowly at a low temperature.

The veggies served to it was some steamed carrots and hokkaido pumpkin, as well as a bunch of fresh parsley and a click of butter! Don’t forget to add good fats to your meals.

Add your greens, Kombucha and grass-fed butter!

Happy eating,

Cecilia & Magnus


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