The kombucha is ready again

It was time again to bottle the ready fermented batch and prepare a new one.

The newly bottled batch.

This time we used the now regular flavours, sea buckthorn, lingon berries, mint, rhubarbs and lemon balm. We also try flavouring a large bottle with some ginger. IMG_2193

Ginger and turmeric kombucha

We have forgot to get back to you with our thoughts on the ginger and turmeric flavorings from before (two batches ago?). They both turned out really well. The spiciness is dissolved in the kombucha and there is none of that almost stinging sensation from the ginger left, just a really nice and fresh addition to the kombucha. Same is true for the turmeric, simply a really nice flavour to pair with the kombucha. Our reasons for not having done them again is partly because it took us a long while to taste them and it felt stupid to try an other couple of bottles before we knew if they would taste good. The second reason being that we simply haven’t had the spices fresh at home. But we will try to pick some turmeric up during this week’s grocery run.

Large rosé wine bottle with ginger flavoured kombucha.

Have a nice week all of you and enjoy some kombucha!

Cecilia & Magnus


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