Spare ribs with steamed vegetables and onion

Yesterday it was time again for spare ribs! We bought it last time at the butcher’s and have been looking forward to eating it.

The ready grilled spare ribs. After a four and a half hours wait.

After setting the oven to about 120 °C I seasoned the spare ribs with cocoa powder, ginger powder, chili powder, black and white pepper and some salt. On the top I also placed a few slices of lemon to add some extra sourness, which goes so well with the fat in the spare ribs.

The seasoned spare ribs topped with slices of lemon and a branch of rosemary.

The spare ribs were left to cook in the oven for four and a half hours before we served them with some steamed fennel and carrots as well as some fried onion and some fresh herbs, which we picked up from my parents’ garden this weekend.

Served with fried onions, steamed fennel and carrots and some fresh herbs. Sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Add some olive oil, a piece of butter and some balsamic vinegar and we were all set. Enjoy!

Happy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus


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