Lamb neck stew

A new piece of meat for us to try! Lamb neck! It is not too different from shin beef, except maybe the size and the amount of fat. Since it has a lot of bone and bone marrow we thought it would be nice to cook a stew on it.

The lamb neck together with some carrots, onion and rosemary.

Together with the lamb neck I put some carrots, diced onion and two branches of fresh rosemary. The rosemary just couples so well with lamb, so that is always a safe bet.

Some fresh spiced to add to the flavour.

In terms of seasoning I added black and white peppers as well as sliced some turmeric, ginger and fresh garlic. After all the ingredients were added the whole mix was covered with water and brought up to a boil. A few minutes before serving we also added some white wine vinegar to create a more balanced taste for the stew.

Two hours later it was time to eat!

The lamb stew served with steamed pointed cabbage.

We served it together with some pointed cabbage spaghetti (sliced and steamed) which turned out to be a really nice combination.

Have a really nice paleo weekend!

Cecilia & Magnus


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