Playing with the cats

In the beginning when we had just got the cats they were not very energetic and spent most of their time either asleep or hiding. However, as they have become more and more accommodated to us and to the apartment as well as getting art appropriate food they have also started to become more restless and full of energy. The main disadvantage of having indoor cats and especially whilst living in a relatively small apartment is that it is difficult for the cats to stimulate themselves. They do indeed chase after one another, but that is definitely not as much as they should move about in the wild.

Neo playing with a branch of lemon balm.

To help activating them we try to play with them as much as possible. We have some dedicated toy, but for some reason they seem to enjoy everyday things better. Why not let Neo chase a branch of lemon balm..? A reasonable thing for a cat to want do chase, don’t you think?

“Common! Give that to me!”


The favorite among all things has to be wires. Wires of all kinds. Ball of yarn and similar things. Here we have Olivia playing with a pompom.

Olivia looking puzzled by the pompom.

Hopefully we do a sufficiently good job with playing with them, but in the future we hope to have more room for them to be able to play on, explore and enjoy.

Purr, purr…

/Cecilia, Magnus, Olivia & Neo


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