Almond cheese cake

The next cake in line in our unplanned cake series is an almond cheese cake. The recipe can be found at this site.



The final result, some nice almond cheese cake bars.

Unfortunately I did not make a very good job in following the instructions to the point and that also showed up in the results. Not as pretty as we had hoped for, but no less delicious fortunately.

The ingredients for the crust. 

The crust worked out well, however I would say that it is more reasonable to only do 2/3 of the crust batch. It just ended up being a thick layer in the bottom of the pan.

The nut crust ready to be pressed out in the pan.

Again, remembering to soak the cashews overnight is probably the hardest part of the baking process…

The ingredients for the filling. 

After following the ingredient list to the point, even comparing with the weight measures given, I still felt that there was too much crust and too little filling. As you can see from the final results it is only a thin layer of filling, whereas one would have liked at least twice that thickness.

The final cake. Topped with some almonds and cacao nibs.

So, if I redo this cake I will definitely do a 2/3 batch of the crust and maybe 1,5-2 times the filling.

Tasting time!

Fortunately, the cake tasted wonderfully! So, at least it was not a complete waste of time.

Have a nice paleo week!

Cecilia & Magnus


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