Coffee, this is not one of the most Paleolithic things that we do, or drink in this case. But, it is something we enjoy a lot and that we feel really enriches our life.

The coffee gear.

So, what is it that we enjoy about coffee? First of all, none of us are really depending on it to keep our minds clear or wake up. However, one cup a day unfortunately brings some addiction, that we have phased out two times and it is not a pleasant experience. Being without it definitely does limit our cognitive abilities and motivation especially. Not to mention the headaches…

Our moka brewer with some finely ground coffee beans.

The morning cup of moka coffee

But, what we do enjoy is the taste and the experience around it all. Having a cup of coffee together in the morning is a perfect start of the day and it is a time together that we really value and appreciate. In the morning we have a small cup each of some freshly brewed moka coffee. After a summer in Munich relying on strong coffee and having such a brewer at home, Magnus felt it appropriate to get one when coming back. Finding one without plastic handles and such was not the easiest, but eventually we found one at an antiques dealer. A Miss Lavazza produced by Balzane in Italy and made of Inox 10/18 stainless steel. It works perfectly and produces such well tasting coffee.

Fine ground for moka brewing

To keep as much of the flavours in the beans as possible we grind the beans just before starting the brewing process. For the moka brewing it is preferable to have a nicely ground, almost espresso-like grain sizes, which increases the exposure of the coffee to the water that is pressed through it.

The weekend and afternoon french press

When we feel that we have some more time to spend enjoying a larger cup of coffee we go with french press coffee. It is not that the brewing takes more time, but rather that the larger cup takes longer to finish.

The french press with some coarsely ground coffee beans.

For the french press one wants to have slightly more coarsely ground beans since the coffee will be immersed in the water for a few minutes and the exposure to the grain surface is not as important. Rather a nice size is when non of the coffee gets through the filter of the press.

The whole coffee gear collection.

For the grounding part we have a Hario hand grinder. It took us a while to find a suitable one with as few plastic parts as possible and preferable one with ceramic burr, but we found this one and are really happy with the results it produces!

How do you enjoy your coffee?

Cecilia & Magnus


6 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. When I first started transitioning to paleo ( since there is so much info on line) I thought I had to give up coffee. So I did. And I hated it. Not because I drank it everyday or suffered from caffeine withdraws, but because I love the taste and the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I drink it. I love to sit and enjoy the day with a cup of Joe. I’ve decided there is nothing wrong or unnatural about coffee so I’m back on it! Yay! My question is : do you have a small coffee press you would recommend? Or ones you don’t? I do live in a RV so weight size and quality have to be considered. I’m new to the coffee press game, so thank you for any help you have to offer!


    1. We could not agree more there! It is all about the taste and the feeling that one gets while sitting down and enjoying that first taste. ☕️😋
      It might not be the most natural and soundest thing in terms of the environmental impacts and such, but as long as one chooses the deviations from “the path”. And we feel that this deviation is well worth it for the added life quality 😉😊.
      Regarding the press we have been looking at a wonderful one from Hario in Olive wood ( It is just slightly too expensive… But the quality of the Hario products is, from our experience, really great. In terms of sturdiness a press is maybe not the best way to go… Considering the amount of fragile glass. But the taste is really different from the moka, two completely different ways of enjoying coffee in my opinion.
      An other brand that produces great French presses is Bodum. They also sell separate spare glass for their presses, so that is also an option. We have had a hard time finding one without plastics, but if that is not an issue for you this might be the best bet. Much more affordable than the Hario one as well. As to the size we have found that the coffee is actually getting better if you use the “correct” size when brewing. So, even if it is possible to brew 2 cups in a 4 cup press the coffee gets better if it is brewed in a 2 cup press. Probably because of the ratio between diameter and amount of coffee beans that create a kind of lid when brewing, which contains much of the flavour within the brew. Anyhow, hope that was to some help! 😊
      Keep enjoying your morning Joe! 😊☕️


  2. Everyday, after our daily walk. Freshly ground, perfectly tempered water and a couple of stirs. Enjoyed slightly cooled with some pieces of dark chocolate. 👌


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