Spare ribs with lime and chili

Time again for spare ribs! It’s so tasty and gives extra value in terms of bone broth. This time we seasoned it with slices of lime and chili flakes.

Spare ribs with chili flakes and lime.

Placing the spare ribs in the oven at 120 °C for four hours and finishing them off with 30 minutes at 150°C turned out to be a good way of cooking them.

The spare ribs after four hours in the oven.

As side we steamed some Hokkaido pumpkin, carrots and purple kohlrabi. Served with a piece of feta cheese and a glass of cold kombucha.

Spare ribs with steamed vegetables and kombucha.

It is definitely a dish that requires some planning, but considering the time spent actually cooking I would not call it slow cooking at all. I spent maybe five minutes preparing the spare ribs for the oven. An other five to decide and chop the vegetables to steam and then twenty minutes steaming the vegetables. So less than half an hour of effort in total. With some planning it might even be possible to reach the Jamie Oliver dinner in 15 minutes ideal, if one is allowed to have the oven on for half a day that is.

Enjoy slow cooking!

Cecilia & Magnus


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