Slow cooked chicken and Hokkaido pumpkin

It was a while ago that we had chicken. And frankly, the past few weeks I have started to get cravings for it, so it was high time to do something about that and have some chicken.

Oven baked chicken, Hokkaido pumpkin with salad and a click of butter. Served with a glass of lingon flavoured kombucha.

Preparing the chicken

Our favourite way of cooking chicken is in the oven at low temperature. Usually we either use the Schlemmertopf or just a regular ovenware. This time we went with the ovenware since we were after the crispness in the skin and have the chicken as a stand-alone piece of meat rather than a stew, which is often the result from using the Schlemmertopf.

Before putting the chicken in the oven we stuffed it with a lemon, some slices of fresh ginger and a few branches of fresh rosemary. On the top of the chicken we seasoned with the zest, from the lemon that went into the chicken, some black and white pepper as well as some grated fresh ginger.

The seasoned and stuffed chicken. Ready for the oven.

Cooking the chicken

This time we had planned more in advanced than usual so we put the oven at 115-120 °C and left the chicken there for a good three and a half hours. It was a fairly small chicken, so this was probably in excess in terms of time, but hey! Slow cooking seldom renders the meat dry even if it is cooked slightly too long. So in the end it turned out perfectly moist and delicious.

Together with the chicken we tried roasting a whole, large Hokkaido pumpkin, which we left in the oven during the whole cooking period.

For the last 30 minutes to an hour we increased the temperature to about 150 °C in order to get some more crispiness out from the chicken skin.

The ready roasted chicken after three and a half hours in the oven.

This was the first time that we tried cooking a whole Hokkaido pumpkin in the oven for such a long time. But it turned out amazing. Perfect texture all the way through an really great taste as well. Definitely something that we will do again!

Dinner together enjoying the slow cooked food.

For serving we cut the pumpkin in fourths and had a chicken leg each, together with some salad and a click of butter. And a cold glass of home brewed lingon berry flavoured kombucha.

Happy slow cooking!

Cecilia & Magnus


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