New batch of kombucha

It was nine days since we started brewing the latest batch of kombucha, so about time to bottle it for the second fermentation and some flavouring.

The newly bottled batch with flavours of sea buckthorn, lingon berries and rhubarbs.

Our favourite kombucha flavourings

We haven’t tried many new flavourings for a while now, sorry about that, and this time we went with our old favourites, sea buckthorn, lingon berry and rhubarb. We really like fresh ginger and turmeric as well, but unfortunately we had none of that at home yesterday.

The bottles with berries and rhubarb. Ready to be filled with fresh kombucha.

Bottling the kombucha

Since getting the noggin with the tap we have started to pour over from the other noggin to that as well, when bottling. So much easier than trying to pour straight into the bottles.

Turn the tap and watch the fresh kombucha fill the bottles.

Batch sizes for the brewing

For the past few months since we started scaling up we have brewed both our large noggins every ten days. That results in almost eight liters of bottled kombucha which is way more than we consume. So we will have to change that soon, unless we want to have our whole kitchen filled with kombucha bottles. We are already getting there. For some reason it is not very nice to have like a liter of kombucha each for each meal, that just takes away the pleasure of it.

The small bottles with flavours that resulted from this bottling.

The SCOBYs are multiplying

Another unforeseen “issue” is that for every new batch we get a new SCOBY in each noggin. That is not an issue per se, but starting the last batch we removed more than half of the SCOBYs and placed in a separate jar for storage, and the noggins now allowed for almost another liter of water to be added to the batch… We do want to get rid of the excess SCOBYs, but we also don’t want to just throw them away, so we have an idea that we might just try to sell some of them so that others can start enjoying brewing their own kombucha as well! We do have some other projects to finish before we will start with that however, but it would be a nice way of optimising the yield from our brewing.

Happy brewing,

Cecilia & Magnus


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