Veggie shopping

A visit to FRAM resulted in some new fresh vegetables. It is so satisfying now when we can get real locally produced vegetables!

Organic, locally grown veggies

So colorful veggies!

Since we live in a country with quite limited possibilities to grow vegetables, it’s extra fun when they start to show up in the store. Buying locally is nice due to the short supply chain. The veggies feels so fresh and packed with nutrients! This is one of the reasons we want to buy from a small cooperative store instead of the Supermarket, where the supply chain and storing of the veggies make them quite boring even if they are locally grown. And another huge plus with avoiding the Supermarket; the veggies are not packed in plastic wraps!

Our limited possibilities for growing vegetables is also one of the reasons we believe one have to eat meat. We have the greatest possibilities to keep livestock and get a great energy return from them, along with a lot of other positive things, and that is something we really need to take advantage of instead of freighting veggies all over the world…

Locally grown.

No, the paprika is not from here… From Spain if I remember it correct. However, the kohl rabi and squash is grown just a few miles away from where we live!

You see the nice wooden boxes as well? We took them from the store since it such a nice way to store the veggies. We try to replace as much plastic as possible in our home with more sustainable materials and one thing is that we removed a large plastic box in the fridge and replace with one in wood.

Wood instead of plastic in the fridge.

Much better! Even though it’s still a terrifying amount of plastic in the fridge.

Happy veggies,

Cecilia & Magnus


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