Quick and simple summer dinner

Being out of town, we had the opportunity to have a classic Swedish summer dinner (=grilled meat). Also, this was our first dinner we were able to eat outside this year! Except for one we had at our balcony…

Summer plate.

But starting the dinner late and with no plan ahead it needed to go quick and be simple. This dinner menu consisted of grilled loin of pork, cooked broccoli and cauliflower that was topped with some herb butter using herbs from the kitchen garden.

Organic loin of pork and herb butter.
Pretty big broccoli!

A slice of watermelon that add that extra summer feeling found its way to the plate as well.


What’s nice with a kitchen garden is that you can have fresh green salad available, packed with nutrients (compared to the one from the store) and top it with edible flowers! This is a nasturtium.

Green salad with edible flowers.

Happy summer dinners,

Cecilia & Magnus


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