Picking berries!

It’s amazing that we have free access to nature in Sweden. No-one can ban you from being out in the forest or from picking what nature has to offer. That is something that needs to be taken advantage of! Especially when trying to live paleo in the middle of the city.

Magnus picking some berries.

We´re lucky enough to not have too far to reach green areas. This Monday we went for a walk after work, about 7 km in total I think, to pick blueberries in the forest.

Lovely blueberries.

We managed to get at least 1 liter in an hour, quite good return on investment. Apart from the mosquitos! We got so many bites that the following days have been quite bothering since we reacted heavily to them.

Not that much berries available, but more than we expected.

It’s something satisfying getting the blue and purple fingers from picking Swedish wild blueberries. Not at all like the boring American ones you can buy at the store that doesn’t taste a thing.

Cecilia picking some berries.

On our way back we did found some pretty raspberries too!

Raspberries for desert!

A well spent Monday evening.

Happy berry picking,

Cecilia & Magnus


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